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Electrogear Stock a huge range of electric cables to many industries:
Construction: building wiring, power cable, twin & earth cable, mains cables, BS5467 cable, control cable, crane cable and SWA cable
Onshore & Offshore: ship wiring, boat cable, NEK 606 cable, ship cable, IEC 60092 cable, BS6883 cable, IEC 60331 cable, IEC 60332 cable and festoon cable
Utilities: 33kv cable, 22kv cable, 11kv cable, bare copper cable, bus cable, earth cable, pump cable, utility cable & triplex cable
Oil & Gas: lead cable, EEMUA cable, instrument cables, BS5308 cable, EN50288 cable, thermocouple cable, high temperature cable, welding cable, coil lead cable, cable glands & UKOOA cable
Fire & Safety: fire performance cable, BS6387 cable, BS7629 cable, fire alarm cable, emergency lighting cable, mineral cable, cwz cable & fire cable
Telecoms: data cable, coaxial cable, telephone cable, fibre optic cable, cat 5e cable, cat 6 cable, cat 7 cable, structured cabling, patch lead, BT cable, RS232 cable, CW1308 cable, ESI cable, microphone cable, electronics cableaudio cableethernet cable & telemetry cable
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