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Heatshrink & Insulation

For small quantities, an easy way of buying an assortment of coloured standard grade heatshrink

SP packs contain 4 colours – Red, Blue, Yellow and Black.

2:1 Shrink Ratio
SG.- Standard Grade Polyolefin, 2:1 shrink ratio, shrink with hot airgun or naked flame, flexible, excellent insulation properties, easily printed on, without adhesive and does not melt-resistant to cold flow.

SG is a flexible, flame-retardant heat shrinkable polyolefin tubing designed for a wide range of applications such as insulation, marking, strain relief and mechanical protection.

Shrinking Properties:
• Radial shrinkage: 50% min
• Longitudinal shrinkage: 5% max
• Tubing has ability to shrink at comparatively low temperatures of 100°C
• 2:1 shrink ratio
• Operating temperature: -55°C to 125°C
• Self-extinguishing

• UL224 125°C 600V VW-1
• CSA C22.2 No. 198 125°C 600V
• RoHS Compliant

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