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Junction Boxes

Junction boxes are an essential piece of kit as they protect and insulate electrical connections.

Available from 2 – 60 connections

Frontplates are available in all Deta wiring accessory ranges and finishes, with sizes ranging from 1 gang up to 24 gang, providing a versatile solution for the most demanding projects.

An extensive range of modules including switches (10A, 20A, double pole, key and marked), dimmers, fuses, neons and accessories, available in plastic and metal finishes.

Gridswitch offers a wealth of features across the range to ensure that installation is carried out with the minimum of effort.

All modules have clear terminal markings and are front loading so they simply clip in place, which means they can easily be upgraded or replaced without the need to remove the mounting grid frame.

For larger front plates, Deta back boxes have been designed deeper for ample wiring room, for example the back box for a 24 gang plate is 60mm deep.