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Plastic Telecleats

Single Fixing Cable Cleats to fix power cables in indoor and outdoor applications.

  • Designedto ensure cable retention and support, without causing damage or deformation to the cable
  • Excellent resistance to ultraviolet and weather
  • Single piece design
  • The curvature of the cleats mounting surface is appropriate for cable diameters 10mm to 51mm

Standard: BS EN 61914:2016

Cable Type: Designed for all types of cable

Material: Low Density Polyethylene (LOPE)

Operating Temperature: ​-40°C to +60°C

TCC02 Plastic Telecleat 12.2mm-16.7mm (Pack 80) 5050291108027 408552639
TCC03 Plastic Telecleat 14.6mm-19.8mm (Pack 50) 5050291108041 408552642
TCC04 Plastic Telecleat 17.7mm-24.0mm (Pack 50) 5050291108065 N/A
TCC05 Plastic Telecleat 21.7mm-28.5mm (Pack 50) 5050291108089 N/A
TCC06 Plastic Telecleat 26.2mm-34.2mm (Pack 30) 5050291108102 N/A
TCC07 Plastic Telecleat 31.9mm-41.6mm (Pack 10) 5050291108126 408552697
TCC08 Plastic Telecleat 39.3mm-51.1mm (Pack 10) 5050291108140 408552707