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Schneider Contactor TeSys K

Reversing or non-reversing contactors up to 5.5 kW 400/415 V


  • Common options available for all ratings: 6, 9, 12 A
  • Control circuits available: AC, DC, low-consumption DC, silent
  • Applications: 2.2 kW, 4.5 kW, 5.5 kW in AC3 and AC4
  • Connectors: screw clamp, faston connectors, spring terminals, pins for printed circuit boards

Control Relay

4 pole relays with 10A thermally rated contacts suitable for AC or DC control voltages. In addition low consumption coil versions with built in suppression and suitable to be used with programmable controllers are also available.

Contacts with 10A thermal rating, suitable for use down to 17V 5mA

  • Four pole for operation with AC or DC control circuits
  • Variety of auxiliary contacts, and timer modules
  • Clamp terminals as standard with spring terminal, printed circuit board connection and fast-on connector types available


Tesys k forms a complete range of reversing or non-reversing contactors, offering the best performance/compactness ratio and seamless integration in all your applications.


Industry, infrastructure, building, etc :

  • Simple control systems
  • Zones sensitive to noise, disturbed mains supplies: silent contactor
  • Use compatible with programmable controller outputs: low-consumption contactor
  • Switching contactor or relay coils
  • Powering control and signalling equipment